Milngavie, Glasgow, United Kingdom
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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

A Bumper Fruit Harvest this Autumn

There should be a bumper crop of brambles and other berries this year. Have a look at this article to see why. Its all been to do with the weather, starting off with the very cold winter we had at the start of this year. So why not go and pick some brambles, make some jam and lets hope this winter is not quite so extreme !

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

September Walk 2010

Signs of autumn were appearing at Mugdock on my September walk. However we'll start with the most interesting specimen - this is I think a Pine Marten (Pine Martin?) dropping. You can see the berries in among. One of the Mugdock Rangers had pointed one of these out to us on one of the walks. We found this one on the path going towards the Visitor Centre.
On this tree you can see some of the swallow or house martin type birds having a rest. This tree is near Mugdock Castle on the road towards the gun emplacements.
In the next three photos you can see some of the swallow like birds flying around :

Below is a lovely dark coloured beech tree :

Blue bonnets :
Horse chestnuts or conkers - nearly ready !

A retriever enjoying a swim on Mugdock Loch !

Bramble flowers : (Black-currant)

Brambles :

A spaniel having a rest :

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Things spotted last year on Mugdock Country Park Ranger led walks

Orange Peel Fungus

Here are some of the interesting things we spotted while on Mugdock Country Park Ranger-led walks last year. The programme is out for this year so check the Mugdock website to see if you would like to go on one.

Dogs Mercury - a plant species which indicates that you are in an ancient woodland.

Horseshoe Fungus

A Shield Bug

A frog or toad

A spiders web photographed while on the "Up With the Lizards Walk" very early in the morning!

Monday, 10 May 2010

Mugdock at the Beginning of May

Wild Raspberry Flowers : Bluebells :
Anyone know what these small white flowers are called ?
Here are some of the plant and wildlife sitings from Mugdock Country Park this morning. Everything is beginning to grow after the long, harsh winter that we had this year. I'm not sure what all these plants are called so please suggest names if you recognise them. We still have some more cold weather expected this weekend though so I am not sure how this will affect the plants and wildlife.

Swans on Mugdock LochWater plants flowering - does anyone have any ideas what they are?
A yellow flower with heart shaped leaves - any ideas what they are?
Not a native plant but the flowers are looking lovely.